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Пізнавальні онлайн-зустрічі для дітей з іноземними вчителями. 10 травня

ГО “Смарт освіта” разом з українськими вчителями проводить пізнавальні онлайн-зустрічі для дітей та підлітків. Щодня публікуємо оновлений розклад.

Тут є окремий розклад та лінки на зустрічі з іноземними вчителями.

Розклад українських вчителів на 10 травня дивіться тут.


1. Music, movement and story

Лінк на зум

Час: 10 травня 10:00

Для кого: 6–10 років

Вестиме: Setsuko Tayama, English teacher

We will learn action words and learn to say, “I can (run)”. We will read “From head to toes” and sing the text on a familiar melody. Be ready to move around and have fun!

2. Let’s dive into the ocean!

Лінк на зум

Час: 10 травня, 11:00

Для кого: 10–15 років

Вестиме: Anne Robinson, English teacher

The world’s oceans are fascinating places. Let’s discover and explore the oceans!

3. Spring is here! I know about plants

Лінк на зум

Час: 10 травня, 14:00

Для кого: 6–10 років

Вестиме: Mark Long, English teacher

Rain and sunshine make flowers grow. Planting seeds and watching them grow.

4. Aerobic fitness workout

Лінк на зум

Час: 10 травня, 15:00

Для кого: 12–14 років

Вестиме: Sarah Rae, Physical Education teacher at Peace River School Division

Come out and move your body to some fun music! In this lesson, we will explore different ways to move our bodies with no equipment and in a small space. I will also demonstrate modifications for different exercises so everyone can move at their own pace. Come and have some fun!

5. Countdown!

Лінк на зум

Час: 10 травня, 16:00

Для кого: 10–18 років

Вестиме: Anna Vorbek, English teacher

Based on the popular UK tv show Countdown, we will play games with letter and number combinations. You will have to work fast to win points – you will only have 2–3 minutes to try to solve each puzzle! Make sure you have a pencil and paper with you to make notes and prepare your answers. You might also need a calculator to check your math.

6. Meet astronaut Hadfield!

Лінк на ютюб

Час: 10 травня, 17:00

Для кого: 10–99 років 🙂

Вестиме: Chris Hadfield, Astronaut

Chris Austin Hadfield OC OOnt MSC CD is a Canadian retired astronaut, engineer, singer, and fighter pilot. The first Canadian to perform the extravehicular activity in space, Hadfield has flown two Space Shuttle missions and served as commander of the International Space Station.


Chris is a real “space wolf”: he has spent more than 165 days in Space, flew twice on a shuttle, and visited the International Space Station. However, space is not the only thing that occupies Chris” time, as he also writes books, loves skiing, running, riding horses, playing volleyball, singing, and playing the guitar.

By the way, he is also a well-known blogger. While visiting ISS Chris recorded a video blog, sharing what it’s like to live in complete weightlessness. His cover of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” which was recorded on the ISS reached more than 50 million views on YouTube and became the first music video to be shot in the Space. Check out this video here.

7. The family

Лінк на зум

The family

Час: 10 травня, 18:00

Для кого: 6–10 років

Вестиме: Laura Schnell, English teacher

Students will learn vocabulary in relation to the family. For example: mother, father, daughter, son, etc.
Students will get the chance to practice together and with the teacher.

Слава Україні!

Героям Слава!


Титульна ілюстрація: ГО “Смарт освіта” (фото для ілюстрації: Canva)

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