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13 Липня 2022

Пізнавальні онлайн-зустрічі для дітей з іноземними вчителями. 14 липня

ГО “Смарт освіта” разом з українськими вчителями проводить пізнавальні онлайн-зустрічі для дітей та підлітків. Щодня публікуємо оновлений розклад.

Розклад українських зустрічей дивіться тут.


Якщо ви відвідуєте зустрічі, пройдіть, будь ласка, коротеньке опитування ось тут. Це допоможе нам краще вас знати.


1. Most Important Tool in the History of Chemistry: the Periodic Table!

Лінк на зум

Час: 14 липня, 10:00

Для кого: 1117 років

Вестиме: Amber Lam, Science and Education first-year student at Monash University, Clayton, Australia

Learn how to navigate the periodic table in order to find the elements based on their properties. Understand different periodic table trends such as atomic mass, electronegativity, first ionization energy and atomic radii. Finally, based on those trends learn to predict what type of reaction will occur between the elements.

2. Mathematic Session on Symmetry

Лінк на зум

Час: 14 липня, 11:00

Для кого: 712 років

Вестиме: Bianca Stolar, Master of Teaching final-year student at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

This session explores lines of symmetry and rotational symmetry for learners up to the age of 12. The session includes a read-aloud and activities such as a codebreaker game and “Kahoot!” quiz. The session also provides some symmetry challenges to complete at home in your own time.
Please note that some activities in the PowerPoint presentation include a countdown timer.

3. Draw and Fun with Adam from Tokyo

Лінк на зум

Час: 14 липня, 15:00

Для кого: 612 років

Вестиме: Adam Anderson, Artist, Illustrator, and Teacher based in Tokyo, Japan

We read books, discuss stories, have a lot of fun, and draw!

4. All Around the World – Pets, Pets, Pets!

Лінк на зум

Час: 14 липня, 16:00

Для кого: 1018 років

Вестиме: Anna Vorbek, English teacher

Dogs, cats, fish… Which pet is the most popular and why? Which countries/cultures do not like pets in their homes? Maybe you would like to have a more exotic pet, like a snake or monkey. Let’s look at pet trends!

5. Card Games to Play with Friends and Family

Лінк на зум

Час: 14 липня, 17:00

Для кого: 1015 років

Вестиме: Nathan Treloar, also known as Mr. T., Grade 4 teacher, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

We will learn card games we can play with a deck of 52 cards. We will also learn how to play the game with other people using the same deck of cards and will play the game with a partner in a Breakout Room on Zoom. Please bring a standard deck of 52 cards if you have one. (If you do not have a deck of cards you are still welcome to join the lesson!)

6. Poetry Study Love Poetry and Sonnets

Лінк на зум

Час: 14 липня, 18:00

Для кого: 1318 років

Вестиме: Bonnie McComb, Retired high school English teacher and teacher librarian from Vancouver Island, Canada

This is a series on poetic devices and practice writing since poetry is short and easy to do together.

7. Old-Fashioned Games

Лінк на зум

Час: 14 липня, 19:00

Для кого: будь-який вік

Вестиме: Elaine Jones, Manager, Edmonton Public Library

Before we had computers, radios, and televisions, families would spend time together playing parlour games. We’ll take some old-fashioned games into the 21st century by sharing some fun and laughs over Zoom. Please bring paper and a pencil/pen.

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