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6 Жовтня 2022

Пізнавальні онлайн-зустрічі для дітей з іноземними вчителями. 7 жовтня

ГО “Смарт освіта” разом з іноземними вчителями проводить пізнавальні онлайн-зустрічі для дітей та підлітків. Щодня публікуємо оновлений розклад.


1. Owls in the Family

Лінк на зум

Час: 7 жовтня, 18:00

Для кого: 7–12 років

Вестиме: Julia Wowkodaw, French and Canadian Studies, and English as a Second Language teacher at a high school in Calgary, Canada

Come and join Julia for a fabulous study of the world-famous Canadian book “Owls in the Family” by Farley Mowat (chapter 11). If you like animals, this lesson is for you!

2. The Art of Storytelling and the Importance of Creativity

Лінк на реєстрацію на зум (буде можливість поспілкуватися)

Лінк на ютюб 

Школярів запрошують на зустріч із відомим канадським режисером

Час: 7 жовтня, 19:00

Для кого: 7–18 років

Вестиме: Sergio Navarretta, director and producer, Canada

For thousands of years, humanity has engaged in storytelling. It is a way for our species to connect, share universal themes, and ideas, preserve history, and ultimately entertain and escape our daily realities. In the late 1800s, and early 1900″s a new “art form” was born. Cinema began as a novelty and had humble beginnings, (much like the circus), as an affordable escapist form of entertainment. It evolved out of vaudeville, live theatre, and photography. Early creators/inventors realized that by arranging still images/photos in a certain sequence and getting them to move (moving pictures), they could tell a story, and get audiences and participants to react emotionally. Today, although technology continues to evolve, the principles of storytelling remain the same. Movies, and now television series have the unique ability to make us laugh, make us cry, and move us emotionally. Through the lives of characters, the vision of the director, the story by the writer, the images by the cinematographer, the music by the composer, and the contribution of dozens of artists and craftspeople, stories are created that take us on a journey, and when done well can change us forever.

In this class, we will explore what goes behind making a movie and explain some of the magic and craft that goes into making a movie. We will explore some of the unique qualities of an animated movie versus a live-action film. Most importantly, we will discuss how these creations come out of the mind, and hearts of artists through the use of their imaginations and creativity. Thoughts are things, and the most gratifying part of my job is imagining something and seeing that vision materialize.

Слава Україні!

Героям Слава!


Титульна ілюстрація: ГО “Смарт освіта” (фото для ілюстрації: Canva)